Where's Snoopy?

Where's Snoopy?

  • Where’s Snoopy?

    Dear parents,

    Where’s Snoopy?  He will soon be making a visit to your house. Snoopy will arrive on a Friday and stay with your family through the following Thursday.  He will travel from house to house in a bag. Snoopy will bring with him a journal and book.  Your child is responsible for writing about his or her daily adventures with Snoopy.  Please write your child’s entries as dictated by them.  Each student can take one picture with Snoopy.  Please print or email picture to your teacher.  On Friday we will share Snoopy’s adventures with the class.


    I hope you have a wonderful visit with Snoopy.  Please let me know if you like to take Snoopy on a special family trip.  Thank you for all your help.



    Mrs. Knapp